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Nutritional Consultations

You can’t outrun a bad diet – Finding out what works for YOU is key to achieving a lifelong healthy approach to eating.

Being healthy does not require setting unrealistic expectations.  This is a process and a journey that should be enjoyable.  We will figure out together which foods leave you feeling satisfied, energetic, happy and vibrant and which foods aren’t.  Life is too short to feel fatigued, sore and unhappy!

So how can I help? Nutritional Consultations begin with a straightforward chat!

  • We will talk in detail through your current diet as well as your lifestyle and what (if any) exercise you engage in.  We can really identify the challenges you are facing whether it be food, mind, stress or exercise.  I will assess this and develop a plan just for you.
  • You get a tailored and overall well-being plan which is specific and uniquely suited to your requirements, encompassing all aspects of your lifestyle, exercise and nutrition.
  • You get follow-up assessments with weekly check-ins over 2, 4 and 8 weeks.  In these assessments we will talk through any challenges you are facing and what is working for you.  Being accountable for your lifestyle and health choices is very important when making life long changes.
  • Consultations can be done in person, by telephone or online.

Together we will make the change you are looking for.  I am here to empower you, help with the tricky decisions when it comes to food, and support you in any way on your journey to health.


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