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I’m Jaclyn! I am Canadian and currently based in Toronto, Ontario after living in Dublin, Ireland for 4.5 years.  I went to the University of Western Ontario and studied Psychology and since then have successfully pursued a certificate in Nutritional Therapy and just recently became a qualified Yoga Teacher.

I am passionate about health and wellbeing.  I have had my own struggles with my diet, and I am confident I can guide you to achieving YOUR ideal diet.

My Journey

My journey to achieving a diet that worked for me took time, patience, and understanding that no diet is perfect and no two people are alike when it comes to diet.

I was a chronic yo-yo dieter for years and was constantly jumping from one fad diet to another in hopes it would make me look a certain way.  What I was ignoring was how these diets made me feel energetically and emotionally.  Energetically, I had little to no energy while on these “quick fixes” and emotionally these fad diets left me moody and irritable.  So often with these diets, we are striving for a perfect way of eating or an ideal look, when in reality no diet and no one is perfect!

After years of having a pretty unhealthy relationship with food, I took a step back and started to figure out which foods made me flourish, which foods gave me energy and which foods simply just made me feel like crap.  Throughout this process of trial and error my habits began to change and I became more in tune with my energy levels, my moods and my cravings.  So often food can affect a lot more than added weight.

So what is my food philosophy?

I follow a whole foods, mainly Paleo style of eating.  This style of eating began after A LOT of trial and error in figuring out which foods worked best for me.  I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit when it’s in season, I eat good quality meats and fish, good fats (avocados!) and some grains.  I drink occasionally and I eat chocolate.   I no longer strive for short term perfection but rather lifelong progress.  I enjoy short resets focusing on whole foods once in a while (after the holidays or after travelling).  I eat in a way that heals my body, I eat foods that give me plenty of energy to fuel me through workouts and I no longer think of food as “good” or “bad”.

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This is why I set up Healthistic – To share  and teach the best of healthy living with you!


My lifestyle philosophy

Food and nutrition plays a huge part in feeling your best, but there are other elements that also affect us.  Our lifestyle, our choices, the situations we put ourselves in, our sleep patterns, our habits and exercise all play a large part in achieving our best self.

Moving your body in any way shape or form is critical to a healthy lifestyle.  Find something that works for you and stick to it.  If you don’t like running, choose something you enjoy and something that doesn’t seem like a chore!  Mixing up your exercise regime is going to make it much more enjoyable and probably much easier to stick to.   You don’t have to rack up the miles or kill yourself in the gym to benefit from exercise.  A walk, restorative yoga and light stretching is still keeping your body in motion and keeping your joints and muscles engaged.

Thanks for visiting my website and I look forward to hearing from you!


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